Welcome to The Home Group

The Home Group has been running for three years now and has had great success in entertaining the College every Friday Week A. It is a student run news service that details the fortnightly activities in and around the College. They are the public face of STIGIT and are quite well-known throughout the College. The goals for 2016 is greater community involvement (like the Campbelltown Council filming from last year) and entering filming competitions.

Watch the Home Group LIVE on every Friday Week A during Term at 9:00am.

The Home Group Team


Reg Parker

The Head of the Home Group and talented musician. Reggie looks after all the talent, timetables, the format of the Home Group and generally everything in-between.


Piper Horner

New to the anchor scene, Piper adds an air of professionalism and light-hearted entertainment as she leads the team deep into 2017.

Jack Mencel

Jack is also a new anchor and is keen to get started with the crew. With his anchor-style voice and his dynamic reactions, Jack is entertaining to watch.

Maddie LeMire

Our lead anchor in the sports, Maddie keeps in touch with the sporting news and events from around the College. Teamed with George Hamra, we can expect a little extra from just the sports results each fortnight!

George Hamra

Involved in all things sports and house related, George is entertainment first and news second. Watch each fortnight as George teams up with Maddie to deliver the sports…perhaps not in the way you would expect.

Open Mic

Charli Denver

Charli is our Open Mic reporter, who interacts with the College during special events to find out what is on the minds of the students and staff.

Thomas Sheldon

Host and inventor of the segment TomTalks (formerly MMI), Thomas presents all things film and media related that has happened over the month. Very entertaining and continually evolving.

Christian Wright

Christian appears during special College events to interview people about the occasion and present a feel for the event itself. Very funny and it gives our viewers a chance to see snippets of the day.

Variety Shows

George Sotiropoulos

YourTube Star and joint creator of the infamous YourTube segment on The Home Group.

Nicholas Harding

Co-creator and co-host of the YourTube segment, we look forward to Nick and George’s twisted humour each episode.

Patrick James

Patrick, or PJ, is our esteemed College Captain and co-host of the College Affairs program.

Spencer Fullgrabe

Spencer is our talented College Drama Captain and co-host of the College Affairs program.

The Home Group Instagram


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